Monday, June 6, 2016

Monday in Manchester

Hi everyone!

The 2016 Manchester group has arrived and is excited to learn and grow throughout this week!  Sleep deprivation hit us all somewhat, but we hit the ground running. The opportunity to participate and gain insight from other cultures and methods of experiential learning is something that we all expect to enjoy.  

Manchester itself is a beautiful city, full of culture, amazing architecture and friendly people.  Our team has had several group discussion meetings and have been able to relate interesting experiences that have stimulated discussions already!

I'm so excited that I was able to participate in this cultural and professional experience and expect to grow and expand personally as well. 

Kathy McComas

Lunch and tea in Sculpture Hall - Manchester Town Hall

 Dr. Rowland enjoying high tea!

 Kathy McComas at the 
Manchester Museum of Science and Industry.

 Carlos Herrera at the Museum of Science and Industry 

Katie Ryan Fotiadis and Margaret Pentecost learning about Manchester's contributions to the development of trains and the importance of the railroad to industry.

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