Thursday, June 9, 2016

Thursday Conference and Banquet

The U of L Manchester team started off with a class with Dr. Rowland on Manchester Metropolitan University campus. Right off the bat, we were on the computers in their room, and I noticed – the @ sign is by the shift button on our keyboards! It is just a simple reminder that things are different here, but all it takes is an open mind to get used to it. We discussed our assignments and began conversations regarding the various cultural and interesting items we've found. We've met people from all across the globe – including South Africa, Germany, and Brazil – many of whom are presenting at UFHRD. 

We also had another exciting day at the conference. We listened to acclaimed author, Damian Hughes, discuss his STEPS concept, and how things like storytelling, emotion, and other simple items can help in our field. We also had the honor to watch Dr. Pentecost present Dr. Herd's Staff Ride research proposal to the UFHRD conference. It was a fascinating insight to see how research is proposed once we are journeying further into academia. 

Additionally, the team had an amazing dinner at Manchester Town Hall with the rest of the UFHRD attendees. It was a beautiful building, filled with different stained glass windows, paintings, and statues. Plus, we had a string quartet from Manchester playing various music and a service staff that was second to none. The food was quite good too! 

While being here in Manchester, we have had the great experience of being able to see the way a different country reacts to news items. One news item that is close to all of our hearts at U of L, the commonwealth of Kentucky, and the USA, is the recent passing of Muhammad Ali. 
I cannot tell you the amount of people who have spoken with high regards to Ali, his influence, and his amazing ability as both an athlete and an icon. When they hear he is from our city, people immediately express their feelings on "the Greatest" and his impact on our world as a whole. It is incredible to see the impact that one of Louisville's own has had on our world. I hope each one of us on this conference representing U of L can have just as big of an impact as we grow and further our careers. 

Thank you for this wonderful opportunity and I can't wait for the rest of this experience. 


Lance Flint

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