Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Soccer Pilgrimage and Conference Proceedings Begin

As an avid fan of the English Premier League, this trip has been quite the pilgrimage for me.  Since arriving here on Saturday, we have already visited three of the biggest soccer stadiums in England, namely Anfield (Liverpool FC), Etihad Stadium (Manchester City), and Goodison Park (Everton).  It is very unique to see how these teams are woven into the fabric of the English culture.   
One of the main activities for today was  attending Manchester Metropolitan University, for our preliminary meeting featuring doctoral presentations. These presentations provided insight in regards to the research methods for working towards a Ph.D.  The campus of Manchester Metropolitan University bolstered a very pleasant environment, that was equally unique.

Tomorrows activities present the first day of the UHRD Conference. During this time we will have the chance to engage with students from universities in the US and UK. The remainder of the time here in England grows more exciting with each day, particularly our upcoming visit to London!

Attached below are some pictures from the conference today and our soccer stadium excursions over the past few days.
Nicholas Carter 
 UHRD Conference at the Manchester Metropolitan University

Manchester Metropolitan University

 Manchester United

Manchester City

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